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Day of Defeat - Walkthrough of dod_caen

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Considered a classic map for many good reasons, dod_caen has lots of locations players must become familiar with. However, only a few of these locations were given names by the mapmakers, so players have to create their own names for many of the key locations. Using names that were given by the mapmakers, and others based upon what I hear players commonly use on the Merrill’s Marauders Caen 24/7 server, along with my own suggestions where things are vague, what follows is my understanding of what is what on the Caen map. Please feel free to suggest changes or corrections, or your own ideas of location names. Later I can summarize this into a sticky.

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Allied 1st Flag Allied 2nd Flag Allied 3rd Flag


Axis 1st Flag Axis 2nd Flag Axis 3rd Flag

The map has six flags that must be captured by a team for them to win the game. Three flags belong to each team, and they are officially named as “Street”, “Bunker” and “Plaza”, beginning from each spawn area. Since many players don’t know this, I have found it far less confusing to call out the flags in the order they appear, beginning from the spawn area of the team you are on, ie. "our 1st flag", "our 5th flag", “the last flag”. If you are on the Allied team and you call out that an enemy is at "their 3rd flag", someone will usually ask you "Did you say our 3rd or theirs?" Safest just to say that the enemy is at "flag four".

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Plaza Plaza

The wide open center area of the map, where most of the fighting occurs, is called the Plaza. It is where the horse statue, broken Axis tank and tank pit/bomb crater are. Each of these is named for what it is.

A Hotel is on one long side of the plaza. A small sign reads "l’hôtel" above its front doors, which open onto the Plaza. The Hotel is badly damaged, with the front walls and roof blown away from its middle and top floors.

Opposite the Hotel is the Bank. Large columns are on each side of its front doors. The Bank is also badly damaged, and its two front windows facing the Plaza are completely blown out.


Allied Plaza Flag Axis Plaza Flag

The Allied and Axis third flags face one another across the Plaza, occupying its two shorter sides. Both have destroyed buildings behind them that act as bunkers, ie. “Allied 3rd flag Bunker", but for some reason a lot of players call these bunkers “Rubble” and will say “Enemy in their rubble!” The broken buildings behind the Plaza flags each have platforms (parts of former upper floors) that players climb for good sight lines across the entire plaza. Snipers love them. If I’m Allied and I see the enemy on the Axis 3rd flag platform I will say “Enemy on the Fourth Flag Platform”, but some players will say “Enemy above (or on top of) the Axis Rubble”. The Allied Plaza Bunker has a sandbag wall beside its blown out building and behind this there is a little corner “Nook” that players hide in. “He’s in the Nook behind Flag Three!”

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Hotel Door

Strangely, the Hotel does not have very many rooms. Locations within the hotel are a problem to name because floors of buildings are named differently in Europe than in North America. Canadians and Yanks call the lowest level "ground floor" and the next level up "1st floor", and so on. However, Europeans call the ground floor the 1st floor! I find it easiest to just use the terms "bottom", "middle" and "top" when naming hotel levels. All of the Hotel floors can be accessed by two routes.

On its bottom floor the Hotel has: a front door that is ajar; six rooms, including one having two windows that face the plaza and a rubble ramp that allows players to climb to the middle floor; another room at the back of the Hotel has a blastable door for access to "Electric Alley" (described later); a room with a reception desk; stairs leading to upper levels; a room in the middle that connects the three bottom floor rooms on the Plaza side.

Hotel Front Room Hotel Backroom Hotel Lobby Hotel Windows

The middle floor has a dark doorway (“the Dark Doorway, Hotel middle”) with areas on either side of that. One of these is a blasted room with part of its floor missing. From here you can watch the Hotel front door and lobby or jump down to the bottom floor. Another long room runs the length of the Hotel front and has access to the windowed front room of the bottom floor. Players can also climb the damaged front wall of the hotel to get to the top floor from here.

Hotel Middle Room Hotel Middle Stairs Hotel Middle Floor

The top floor has three rooms. One has two broken windows that look out to the bank. Players can jump from here to a ledge above the Hotel front door. The room at the top of the stairs connects to the front of the Hotel and what was once probably a room via two short hallways. The room is blown away so these halls both end with an open view of the plaza. Some of the floor of this room is intact and connects the two hallways. The last room, in the corner closest to the window over “Electric Alley”, has no windows. Hallways connect all three rooms.

Hotel Top Hotel Top Hotel Windows Hotel View Allied Hotel View Axis

I have not heard anyone call any of the rooms in the Hotel by a specific name, but it would make sense to refer to the room you enter from the front door as the “Hotel Lobby”. I usually call the bottom level room that has the door to E Alley the “Hotel Back Room”.

Parts of the Hotel are named according to how they are viewed when looking at them from the Plaza. Generally the street view of things on the map is used when providing location info. The Hotel’s top room with two windows looking out on the Plaza is called "Hotel Top Left Windows". Other spots are called out as, "Hotel Top Right Door ", "Middle Hotel on Left", “Hotel Bottom Windows”, etc.

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The Bank

A raised sidewalk runs the length of the front of the Bank. Stairs lead up to the front door which has columns (or pillars) on its left and right sides. The front entrance of the Bank is partially blocked by a large chunk of concrete that players can use as a ramp to get upstairs. I call that chunk the “Ramp”. On the other side of the Ramp, the high-ceiling room at the entrance, which I will call the "Bank Lobby" is surrounded by what I will call the “Bank Catwalk”. Part of the Bank Catwalk has collapsed on an angle and is the most-used path to the upstairs.

The Bank Lobby The Bank Lobby The Bank Catwalk

Inside the front door but to the right, a short hallway leads around a corner into a big room with a blown out window facing the plaza. Call this the “Bottom Bank Window”. At the far end of this room on the left a short dark hallway leads to the back of the bank, and a dark room that the map makers called the “Vault”, ie. where the money was kept. You can also reach the Vault via a short hallway from the big catwalk room at the entrance. The back wall of the Vault has a demolition point that can be blasted to give access to “Fire Alley” (described later).

The Bank bottom window The Bank bottom window The Bank vault To fire To Fire open

Upstairs there is another big room with a blown out window (“Top Bank Window”) that has two entrances from a hallway that borders two sides of the room. The portion of that hallway that runs along the back wall of the bank has a small (blocked) doorway inset into the wall where players sometimes hide.

The Bank top floor The Bank top window The Bank top window view

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Electric Alley Electric Catwalk Electric Entrence

A long alley running behind and along the right side of the Hotel connects the Dark Room to the Axis 3rd Flag. The mapmakers called this “Wire Alley” but most players call it “Electric Alley”, or “E Alley”. Both names refer to the severed, sparking and dangerous power line that dangles next to the wooden structure at the corner of the alley. Touching this can kill you quickly, so avoid it. The wooden structure has no name, but I call it the “Shed”. The end of the Shed closest to the Hotel Back Door can be destroyed easily with bullets.

Electric Hotel Door Electric Darkroom Electric Swingdoor

A catwalk above the alley runs the length of the Hotel rear (the "Electric Alley Catwalk"). Just past the Shed and around the corner there is a staircase leading up to the catwalk, and a blastable swinging wooden door. After the swing door there is a small alcove to the right before the Alley exits into the Plaza at the Axis Plaza Flag (or the Allied 4th Flag, if you wish).

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Allied View Allied View Fire Entrence Fire Door Fire

Similar to Electric Alley in many ways, “Fire Alley” runs behind the Bank to connects the Allied Plaza area to the Axis Street. At the Allied end, a hallway along the right side of the Bank serves as the “Fire Alley Entrance”. At the end of this is a squeaky, blastable door that opens into the actual Fire Alley. Inside the door and to the right is some rubble that players hide in. To the left and a few steps in, some large pieces of timber and rubble are on fire (hence the name). Like the wire in Electric Alley, this fire can kill. Just past the fire is the demolition point at the Bank Vault. A box lies beside this, and another box (labelled “jOeSmOe”) is farther down the Alley on the right. Fire Alley ends at an unnamed building that most players call the “Bird Cage”.

Fire Entrence Fire Entrece Closed Fire Bank Hole

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Birdcage Axis Side

At the end of Fire Alley, and named for the bars across its upper level blastable window, the Bird Cage is a strategic hotspot on the map, much like the Dark Room (described later) at the Allied end of Electric Alley. This building has two levels connected by two flights of stairs, separated by a dark landing. When entered from Fire Alley, the wall to the right, behind a large crate, has a demo point that creates an opening to the Axis 2nd Flag Bunker area. To the left, beside the stairs and farther down is another demo point for the wall beside the Axis Rubble Street. It is best for the Axis team NOT to blast these walls - doing so gives the Allied team an easy route to their 2nd Flag.

Birdcage Bottom Birdcage Back

The dark landing at the top of the first set of stairs is a common choke point where either team can block the others advance. On the upper level a hallway leads to a blown open platform (former floor) that looks down upon both the Axis Plaza and Bunker Flags. I call this the “Bird Cage Platform”. Players can jump down to the ground from here, leap across onto big wooden beams/rafters or onto a little perch close to the Bird Cage Window for different shooting angles.

Middle Stairs Top Floor Top Floor

From here another dark hall leads to the "Bird Cage Window". About halfway down this hall, cracks in the floor and wall allow a clear view of Fire Alley. People call this the “Fire Alley Crack”. The actual Bird Cage itself is a small room with two windows, one with bars that is blastable and which looks across the Axis Street to their 1st Flag and beyond. The other side window looks down upon the Axis Bunker Flag and immediate area. A small table and chair are also in this room.

Top Hallway Window Firecrack


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Allied Spawn Satchels

Scattered around the Allied Spawn you will see various weapons and satchel charges that you can pick up. To the left there are stairs that lead to a swing door into what the mapmakers called the “Alley Off Allied Spawn”. Allied players can use this route to exit OR return to spawn, but Axis players cannot.

Allied Off Spawn Allied Off Spawn

If you jump over the hill and out of the Allied Spawn you land on the “Allied Street”, which is also the name given the Allied 1st flag. Look straight at the 1st flag. Unnamed buildings line the left edge of the street. Two access points, one close, the other down at the far end, lead to the Alley Off Allied Spawn. Inside the back of a building slightly before the 1st flag a squeaky back door leads to a room with a ladder to an upper level with two windows that look down the long street between flags 1 and 2. I will call this the "(Allied) 1st Flag Sniper House".

Allied Street 1st Sniper 1st Sniper View

BOTH teams refer to the general area between their spawn and their 2nd flag as their “Base”.

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THE CAFE (Cafe Baltic)

Cafè Cafè

In DoD:Source's later version of the map, dod_caen_b07, the three-level building on the right with breakable windows is called “Cafe Baltic”. I will call this simply the "Cafe". I have heard many players call this spot the Library, because the building has a bookshelf. However, on the bottom floor there is a bar with a wine rack. Perhaps the French enjoy wine with their books?

Cafè 1st Floor

Stairs connect the three levels. The book shelf on the middle floor contains a secret! Press your “use” key while facing the bookshelf. (FYI, “Helvan” is the name of the guy that made the original Caen map – Tim “Waldo” Holt made the later version used by our server.) The Cafe has many windows providing sight lines in every direction. A path around the back of the Library leads to the Allied Street.

Cafè 2nd Floor Cafè Top Cafè View

Past the 1st flag on the right is an unnamed two level building with an intact sloping roof. Each level is accessible, and you can also climb onto the roof. I call this building the “Lookout”.

Lookout Lookout Inside Lookout View

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Look down the long, tree-lined street (the only trees on the map) that runs between the Allied 1st and 2nd flags, with the Lookout on your left and the Cafe to your right. Bombed out buildings are on both sides of the street, about a third of the way down. The one on the left has an alley behind it which I call the “Sneak-around”. These rubble areas are unnamed, but I will refer to them as “Left Side Rubble” and “Right Side Rubble”, as they are viewed from Allied Flag 1.

Left Rubble Right Rubble Sneak Around


2nd Flag Sniper

Past the Left Side Rubble, just before the Allied 2nd flag there is a tall building that most players call the “2nd Flag Tower”. The door to this four-level building is on its right side, nearest the flag. The bottom level is a small foyer at the bottom of a staircase. It has a small area beneath the 2nd flight of stairs where players can defend the door.

2nd Flag Stairs

The 2nd level is just a landing between flights of stairs that has a locked door.
The 3rd level has a short hallway that leads to a little blasted room with a hole in its floor. Enemy players hoping to “cap out” use this hole to drop down into a short tunnel that connects to both the street and the “Sneak-around”. I call the tunnel the “Drop Zone”. The Drop Zone also has a clear view of the Allied Back Alley entrance.

2nd Tower Drop Down Drop Zone

The top floor of the Tower has two windows that snipers and MG’s use to control the area between and beyond the 2nd and 3rd Allied flags.

2nd Tower Top

Allied Backalley

Past the right side rubble there is the Allied’s “Back Alley Entrance”. The “Back Alley” runs behind the “Allied Apartments” and leads to the Allied 3rd flag through a squeaky swing door that can be blown away. There is a back door to the Apartments in the Back Alley.

Backalley Backalley Backalley Exit


Allied 2nd Flag

The Allied 2nd flag has a sandbag wall that is an ideal MG location. If you continue past this bunker to the end of the street there is the “2nd Flag Slope” which you can climb onto to protect the 2nd flag.

The street between the Allied 2nd and 3rd flags is called the “Allied Street To The Plaza”, but is usually referred to as the “Allied Rubble Street”. Directly in front of the 2nd flag there is a big chunk of red brick wall that players climb onto and hide behind that could perhaps be called the “Red Slab”. On the left side of the Allied Rubble Street there is a long building that has an unnamed red brick section, and then a lighter section.

Rubble Street Red Slav View

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Dark Room

By blasting the bottom floor walls to either side of the corner of the red brick section you can enter a little room that leads into a very dark room that players call the “Dark Room”. The Dark Room has a door at its far corner that opens onto Electric Alley. To the right of that door a demolition point allows you to breach the wall between the Dark Room and the Bar. It is best for the Allied team NOT to blast ANY of these walls, because doing so gives the Axis team more ways to reach Flag 2.

Darkroom Darkroom Open Darkroom Darkroom Open

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The lighter section of the long building on the left is home to a place called “Barre de Waldo” by the mapmakers. Most players call it simply the “Bar”. The door to the Bar is on the Allied Rubble Street. The bottom floor has a window looks out on the street, a well-lit counter, and a hanging cabinet with glass doors and a long wine rack beneath it. A small table is in a corner to the left. Both the counter and table have chairs on top of them. To the right there is a dark area beneath the stairs. The “Bar Stairs” are at the far left corner of the Bar. The wall at the bottom of the stairs is where a demo point connects the Bar to the Dark Room. The stairs lead up to four rooms. A long dark hallway along the back side leads to a window, directly above the Dark Room door, that looks down into Electric Alley. Players call it the “Electric Alley Window”. The upper level rooms are unnamed, but players will call out “above the Bar” or “above the Dark Room” when trying to pinpoint an enemy location to others on their team. The three upper rooms that face the Allied Rubble Street all have windows. The upper room closest to the Allied 2nd Flag can be blasted wide open with a rocket.

Bar Inside Bar Stairs Bar Top

Bar View Electric Window Electric Window Open

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Apartments Apartments Open

Looking down the Allied Rubble Street from the 2nd flag, the building on the right is called the “Allied Apartments” (also called the Sniper Apartments by some players). The front door of the Apartments has a small staircase. At its top and to the right are more stairs that go up to the 2nd level (I’ll call these the “1st Stairs”, as they are closest to spawn). To the left is a small room with no windows and two doors. The door on the right leads down some stairs to a lower level that I call the “Back Room”. It has a table, chairs, a ceiling light and a window looking out into the Back Alley. To the left of the window there is a door that when blasted open leads to the Back Alley.

1st Stairs 1st Stairs top Backroom Backroom Open

Turning left, instead of going down to the Back Room, the other door leads into a small windowless room and then into another room with a window that looks out onto the Plaza. The window is usually called the “Bottom Sniper Window”. If you turn right as you enter this room there is a little hallway with a “Dark Closet” hiding spot. This hallway also leads to the Back Room.

Bottom Sniper Closet

At the far end of the Bottom Sniper Window room, two flights of stairs (the “2nd Stairs”) lead to the upper level. At the top a small dark hallway opens onto a room with a front window (called the “Top Sniper Window”) looking onto the plaza and a “Side Window” with a view of the Allied 3rd flag area. This Side Window also has a view of the Bank. The Top Sniper Window and the front wall of this room can be blasted wide open with a rocket.

2nd Stairs Top Sniper Top Sniper Open

After the Top Sniper Window room another long room takes up the rest of the top level of the Allied Apartments. Its roof and a portion of the front wall are blown away. The damaged front wall has a “V” shape, so players refer to this as the “V of the Apartments.” A little hall connects this room to the 1st Stairs going back down to the first level, at the 2nd flag end of the Apartments.

Apartments V Apartments V View

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Axis Spawn Axis Spawn

Standing in the middle of the Axis Spawn and looking at the hill leading out of spawn, you will see small camouflaged sandbag bunkers that each have a few satchels laying around in them to each side. Other weapons are scattered around the spawn area. Just before the right-side bunker on the left is a small stairs that leads up onto a wall. The wall leads to a bridge that goes over a small canal. You can jump into the water just for fun (doing so does nothing to help your team), then get back up using one of the two ladders. If you cross the bridge to the other side you arrive at a swinging door. Similar to the door in the Allied Spawn, this opens into what the mapmakers called the “Alley Off Axis Spawn”. Axis players can use this route to exit OR return to their spawn, but Allied players cannot. Halfway down this alley there is a side door into a building with an upper level window that views the Axis Street and the Church. There is also a path to the Axis Street here to the left. At the end of the alley a door leads through another broken building and to the Axis 1st Flag.

Axis Bridge Alley off Spawn Alley Off Spawn Alley Off Spawn Tower

If you jump over the hill and out of the Axis Spawn you are also in the area named Alley Off Axis Spawn. Look straight from here to the 1st flag. Unnamed buildings line both sides of the street. The tall, light colored building on the left is called the “Church”. A tiny alley runs in behind and around the Church. Inside the Church a ladder leads to an upper level that has sightlines into the Axis spawn and across the entire Axis base. Just past the Church, the Axis Street begins at their 1st Flag. There are blown out buildings just past the 1st Flag that Axis players call the “1st Flag Rubble”.

Axis Off Spawn Axis Church Axis Church inside Axis 1st Rubble

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The Axis Street Flag has a sandbag bunker. Standing at this bunker and looking across to the 2nd Flag, with the Church to the left and Rubble to the right, there are two large bomb craters in the street between the flags. The buildings to the left, beyond the Church, are unnamed. However, on the left, just before the 2nd Flag, there is a broken building with a sloping rubble pile in which snipers hide. It has a good view of the entire area between the 2nd Flag and the Plaza. I call this spot the “Axis Sniper Rubble”. Just past the 2nd Flag, still on the left, is a “Dead End Alley” where players often hide.

Axis Street Axis Sniper Rubble

Still at the 1st flag, on the right side of the street, the 1st Flag Rubble ends at the entrance to the “Axis Back Alley”. A platform above the far end of the Rubble looks down into the Back Alley and also gives a good view of the 2nd Flag and into the Axis Apartments through another barred window that some players call the “Small Bird Cage Window”. Many players get confused by this name, not knowing which Bird Cage is which, so I would prefer to call it the “(Axis) 1st Flag Window”, similar to the naming of the Electric Alley Window.

Axis Backalley Entrence

The Axis Back Alley (actually named the Axis Passage to Plaza) runs behind the Axis Apartments, connecting the Axis base to the Plaza. Halfway down the Alley a demolition point will open the back wall of the Apartments. At the far end of the Alley a blastable swing door leads to a dark passageway and out to the Plaza beside the 3rd Flag.

Axis Backalley

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The open area between Axis Flags 2 and 3 is what remains of an almost completely destroyed building. Small bits of its walls and upper floors are still intact. Although it is not a street, this passage to the Plaza is usually called the “Axis Rubble Street”. Looking down the street to the Plaza, the Bird Cage building is on the left. Close to the 2nd Flag and beside the Bird Cage there is a partial wall with a “V” crack. Snipers use this “V-Cracked Wall” as cover from which to guard the 3rd Flag and the Axis entrance to Electric Alley.

Axis Rubble Street Axis Apartments Axis Birdcage

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The long two-level building on the right side of the Axis Rubble Street is called the “Axis Apartments”. A short distance down the front of this building there is a entry hole that I’d like to call the “Apartment Front Hole”. Inside the hole there is a sloping rubble area. Players hide at the top of this, beneath the upper floor. To the left, a crack leads to a big bottom level room with a burning fire inside. People call this the “Fire Room”, which makes sense to me. This room also connects to the Axis Back Alley by the demo point mentioned above.

Axis Fronthole Fireroom

At the far end of the Fire Room, stairs lead to the upper level and there are dark areas under these stairs where players often hide. At the top of the stairs is a room that has what players call the “Half-Open (Sniper) Door”. This “Sniper Door” looks out on the Plaza and the Hotel. Also at the top of the stairs, a slab of concrete hanging over the stairs takes you to a blast crack which leads into a separate red brick building and a room with a blastable window looking out over the entire Plaza. This room is called the “Axis Sniper Loft” (sometimes “Axis Sniper Window”).

Half Open door View of Plaza Sniper Loft

There are three other rooms on the upper level of the Apartments, all connected by open doorways. The room closest to the Axis 2nd Flag has the Axis 1st Flag Window (Small Bird Cage). It also has a door leading out to a platform (former floor) that looks back to the 2nd Flag and also towards the 3rd Flag, Plaza and Hotel. I call this the "Apartment Platform". A ramp in the floor of this room leads back down to the rubble at the Front Hole.

Small Birdcage Small Birdcage